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The legislation also outlines an option to renew the lease annually for one-year increments but not to exceed five years. We have discussed this in depth and see this as an added benefit and police presence in the armory, said Councilman Roger Kalter, D-1st ward. Councilman Mike McCauley, D-2nd ward, abstained from the vote because he is a member of the fraternal order as a retired policeman but all remaining council members passed the legislation. The rooms of the armory are occupied as follows: Room 6, bus stop seating and elevator entrance; Room 7 and Room 13, Building Bridges to Careers; Room 15, WASCO, Inc.; Room 16, Washington County Veterans Services Commission; Room 9, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 12; Room 10, community and council meeting room; Room 12, no occupant. WASCOs contract with the city was renewed Thursday for another year and in lieu of payment, WASCO provides janitorial and other in-kind services and a nonrefundable $285 deposit. Council also authorized Safety-Service Director Jonathan Hupp to advertise for bids and enter into a contract for Room 16 which is currently occupied by the Veterans Service Commission. The present lease with the commission expires on Feb. 28. Hupp said the city is looking to rent the room for $500 per month or lease the room for a year at a rate of $416.50 per month. The community meeting room remains available for hourly rent at $30 when council meetings and council committees are not scheduled to use Room 10. Room 12 is the final room available for rent or lease with 275 square feet of space available.

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In principle, this could delay the process. However, in practice it is thought unlikely that Theresa May's end of March deadline will be missed. How long will it take? The government wanted to trigger Article โรงแรมขอนแก่นราคาถูก 50 using the Royal Prerogative, which is a set of powers that used to be held by the monarch but now reside with government ministers. That would have meant it could have done so at a time of its choosing and without consulting Parliament at all. The decision that it must specifically pass a bill is significant. Some other procedures would have meant fewer stages in Parliament and no chance to make amendments. A full bill means that both houses of Parliament must agree and amendments are possible. To become an act of Parliament a bill must pass several stages in both the Commons and the Lords. That often takes months of debate, but it doesn't necessarily have to.